Update: 9/17/2012 8:34:39 AM Nanobiotechnology Research Group

Nanobiotechnology research group was established in 2006 in Babol University of technology in a piece of land which is about 300 square meters. This group has two laboratories, nanobiomaterial and nanobiosensor which are the national member (No.14062/508590) of Iranian biotechnology laboratories where nanobiotechnology is studied and also it is one of the most important research groups of Babol University of technology which many professors and post-graduate students are working in. There are more than twenty benches in these laboratories where many researchers can work simultaneously due to the existence of different laboratory equipments. This group is equipped with devices to synthesize chemical and biological materials in any dimensions from macro up to nano scales. The equipments of this group can be listed as follows: different type of microscopes, different spectrophotometer for material analysis, autoclave, different incubator, different digital balance with high precision, PH meter, electrophoresis equipment, centrifuge equipment by round more than 60000 g. Also, there are devices in this group for synthesis of carbon nanotubes by arc-discharge method in solution automatically and also fabrication of nanosensors for different gas and liquid detection.

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