Update: 9/17/2012 8:35:10 AM Nanomembrane Research Group

The technology of nanomembrane production is one of the most applicable technologies ranging from water and waste water industry to Pharmaceutical and food industry.Nanomembrane research group has started its activities to produce new generation of nanofilter to purify water and waste water in 2008. This group has organic and mineral, MEA and nanomembrane laboratories which is active in nanotechnology research institute to product types of membrane.

Membrane fabrication is done in this group. Different ways of synthesis are used due to the difference between their applications. We produce many kinds of filters such as microfilters, ultrafilters, nanofilters and reverse osmosis membranes. The produced membranes are applied in water and wastewater treatment, water softening and etc.Our group is equipped with the set-up of the membrane performance test which has been designed by the members of this group. Membrane performance is evaluated with respect to pure water permeability and the filtration of the industrial feed. Production of new membranes for gas separation, manufacture of apparatus for testing membranes related to gas separation and also manufacture of apparatus for production of semi-industrial nanofiltration membranes are done in this group.

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