Update: 8/28/2015 10:13:49 PM Nanotechnology Research Institute

Due to the importance and development of nanotechnology in different fields and the need of industries to use this technology to improve the quality and quantity of products, nanobiotechnology laboratory was established in Babol University of Technology in 2006.Based on extensive research and scientific activities, this laboratory was promoted to nanobiotechnology research group with the permission of Ministry of Science, Research & Technology of Iran in 2009/3/2.
By continuity scientific activities in this research center, one more time, nanobiotechnology research group was promoted to nanotechnology Research institute in 2010.

This research institute takes the advantages of three research groups, nanobiotechnology, nanomemberane and nanocalculation, equipped by different advance instruments. This research institute intends to use the practical potential of nanostructures in different industries such as Medical, Pharmaceutical, environmental, petrochemical and etc.

Generally, current researches and scientific activities can be summarized as follow:

1. CNT synthesis
2. Functionalization of CNTs with different methods
3. Preparation of different nanoparticles by biological as well as chemical methods
4. Production and application of gas and liquid nano sensors
5. Purification and separation of nano bioproducts
6. Preparation of polymeric nano particles and nano composites
7. Drug loading with nanoparticles
8. Application of EBA and liquid-liquid extraction for nano bioproducts purification
9. Application of different nano (bio) particles in medical engineering
10. Synthesis and application of natural nano tubes in food and pharmaceutical industries
11. Preparation of new generation of nano filter membranes used in water and waste water treatment and gas separation
12- Application of CNTs in adsorption and separation of various gases
13- MEA modification by using Nanotechnology in fuel cell
14- Made of nanobiosensors for medical aplication
15- Synthesis of mineral membranes for gas separation

Many Iranian and foreign researchers are working and are in communication with this research institute. This research center cooperate with universities such as Lund university(Sweden), university of Birmingham(UK), university of Leeds(UK), Aarhus university(Denmark), university of Leuven(Belguim), university of Monash(Australia), university of curtin(Australia), a number of universities in Malaysia(UPM, UM, UTM, UKM, USM,...), university of Tarbiat Modarres, university of Tehran, Ferdowsi university of Mashhad, university of medical science of Mazandaran, Mazandaran university, kashan university, the national research center for genetic engineering and biotechnology, Royan research center and other research centers and universities. This research institute announces its eager for professors and post-graduate students invitation in any field related to nano technology. Also, research projects can be performed between this center with other international research center and it is ready to work with other researchers.

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