Nanotechnology Research Institute
Due to the importance and development of nanotechnology in different fields and the need of industries to use this technology to improve the quality and quantity of products, nanobiotechnology laboratory was established in Babol University of Technology in 2006.Based on extensive research and scientific activities, this laboratory was promoted to nanobiotechnology research group with the permission of Ministry of Science, Research & Technology of Iran in 2009/3/2.

By continuity scientific activities in this research center, one more time, nanobiotechnology research group was promoted to nanotechnology Research institute in 2010.

This research institute takes the advantages of three research groups, nanobiotechnology, nanomemberane and nanocalculation, equipped by different advance instruments. This research institute intends to use the practical potential of nanostructures in different industries such as Medical, Pharmaceutical, environmental, petrochemical and etc....

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